Danzoo park Bahria Town


There is a day and night safari park in Bahria town Karachi. This is called the Danzoo. Danzoo is a great way to engage in adventure and luxurious experiences on a frequent basis. The park has an exotic set of animals, lush gardens, camping spots, stargazing spots, and green gardens. This is an international standard day and night park in Karachi. It is the first of its in Pakistan. It is located in Precinct 19. This is one of the unique spots in Bahria Town Karachi shaped into a wildlife sanctuary. This park opened for the general public in May 2018. It has retained its beauty and grace since.

Stress Relief Facility in Bahria Town Karachi

After a busy day in the modern world, the residents of Bahria town Karachi will head home. This is why various efforts have been undertaken to allow a much more relaxing experience of getting home. The Danzo can be used to relieve the mind from the stress of the busy urban life. It can be used as a recreational spot as well as a family activity and socializing hub. This can improve the stress level and happiness of the people living in the town immensely. This is because exotic animals and other hand-picked fauna in a hybrid habitat can be very exciting to see and humbling at the same time.

Zoo Timings:
The zoo will remain open from 12:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Price of Tickets:
Children (Under 5): Free
Children (5 to 12 Years): 250/- Rs
Adults: 450/- Rs

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