How to promote a real estate business online in pakistan

How to promote a real estate business online in pakistan

In the real estate sector technology is playing an important role in Pakistan. Before technology people were using old methods in finding property in different areas. The real estate business owners also used some traditional methods for promoting their business. As the trend of searching homes and property was not much, the property business owners also used the traditional method for their advertisements and promotions. These were the limited ways of promoting the businesses.
Now in Pakistan millions of users are now using the internet. The internet is used for different purposes like entertainment, education, learning etc. Previously the internet was used on the computers and laptops only. Now smart phones are increasingly used and even now people prefer using smartphones more than desktop devices. People use the internet for searching property so the real estate agents are searching for different methods to provide better services to their customers. Like other businesses real estate business is also moving online and experiencing significant growth day by day.
So like other businesses, this business which is also online and taking a lot of benefits by using technology, you can see lots of agency business websites over the internet where they are providing many services in searching property in different areas.
There are also many online portals available on the internet and people with the facility of 3G, 4G services on their smart phones can easily and conveniently search suitable property. And at the other hand developers and agents have to keep their portals up to date and do a lot of efforts in marketing of their portals if they want to be successful in this competitive market.
But still most of the people are using old marketing methods like billboards, newspaper advertisements, and fliers for the promotion of their business. The reason for this is that although technology is experiencing significant growth but still a large number of people depend on the traditional methods when they want to search for a property.
In developed countries people know the benefits of online property marketing and its common in those areas. Old property marketing methods are not in practice because these methods don’t monitor the campaign performance in an accurate way.
The online portals that are for real estate sector target users who are living anywhere in Pakistan. These websites also analyze the behavior of people. Still this new technology is not fully adopted in the market, but day by day it’s increasing and the change will certainly come. There are many agents, developers who got success by using new technology. Through real estate websites many people all over the world has taken many benefits.
The visitors can easily check the websites and inquire about their properties. The business owners have to keep the information up to date about the current situation of the property. So that it can help in boosting property business and help in growing their profits.
According to a survey taken, it has been discovered that over 45 percent of agents reported that in the process of house hunting, the internet has been widely used. And this percentage is expected to increase because the number of the internet users is increasing with the passage of time. Now as it is quite obvious that the real estate business is moving online at a significant rate but the estate agents also need to adopt some methods of promotion of their online business which we will discuss below
Promotion methods used for online marketing of real estate business

1– On Home Page Add Business Info

An introduction about your company should be added in your website’s home page. It’s the place where you can share your business information like how to help clients, and who are you.

2 – Use Landing Pages

Using the landing pages is the better way of promoting your online real estate. In this way your visitors will be converted into the leads. You will be able to show in a better way what you are offering and some information regarding your local market.

3– Use SEO Techniques

SEO is the effective method of marketing for your website whatever it is for. If you choose SEO it will be easy for your customers to find you online. It is the method by which you can assign a good value to your business and remain in the competition. Therefore it is important for every online real estate agent to optimize his website for SEO. SEO involves on page SEO and off page SEO too. It is important to focus both on page and off page SEO. For SEO posts valuable and high quality content is also necessary.

4 –Keep On Updating Latest News

For the promotion of business, it is very important to blog about the trends. The business owners have to update their website with latest news because it is a fact that the more you post, the more poplar you will be. The posting must be about the latest trends and current values. For this, you must be aware of the current situation and must know what’s happening in your industry. Sharing your personal information is also quite helpful in the promotion of the business. Market updates are very helpful and give the positive effect. Not only blogging about the market updates will serve the purpose you need to create a report i.e. industry report. This can be done through blogging. All important information should be updated on the real estate blogs

5- Use Social Media

Social media is the most effective mode of promoting any business. There are different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc on which it is very easy for the real estate brokers and agents to promote their business. In these days people use social media at a higher rate therefore advertisements done through it will be no doubt successful. Different marketing tools are used for promoting any business on social media. Promotions through social media are more successful as compared to traditional offline modes of marketing. As more and more people are using the internet now so they believe house or property searching is done in a better way if it is done online.
These are some way through which real estate brokers can promote their business online. Some are free of cost and for some you have to invest some money. There are many more simple methods to let people know about your business and you can increase its traffic. You can use the URL of your business website in every email that you send to your customers for getting further information. You can also send weekly newsletters to your registered members or customers.
Joining online real estate community can also contribute to the promotion of your business. It is an easy way to let people know about your business. You can use a link in your signature for promoting it. a
These methods are very effective and you also don’t need to spend a heavy amount on the marketing.

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